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Barron’s – 12/06/2019
Two Metals React to U.S. Plan to ‘Restore’ Tariffs for Brazil, Argentina

The Moderate Voice – 12/06/2019
On Trump Tariffs on Argentina and Brazil

Yahoo Finance – 11/13/2019
Rising U.S. Bond Rates Are Starting to Put Pressure on Emerging Markets

Bloomberg – 11/13/2019
Rising U.S. Bond Rates Are Starting to Put Pressure on Emerging Markets

Fortune – 11/12/2019
The Pain From WeWork’s Failed IPO Deepens as Bondholders Get Stuck Underwater

Barron’s – 10/17/2019
The Dow Edged Up 24 Points Because a Brexit Deal Is on Deck, Turkey Is Checked

Cheddar – 10/17/2019
Brexit Deal Heading To Parliament As Soon As Saturday

Fox Business News – 9/25/2019
Apperance on Fox Business News

Cheddar TV – 8/5/2019
China Targets Trump’s Base as Trade War Escalates

Forbes – 8/4/2019
Easy Money Won’t Save The Global Economy From The Next Recession

Forbes – 5/31/2019
US-China Trade: Huawei Is Drilling A Hole At The Bottom Of A Sinking Titanic

Forbes – 5/25/2019
America Begins To See The Consequences Of The Past Policy Errors That Helped China’s Rise

T & D Report – 5/22/2019
Trump Economy No Joke

Fox Business – 5/20/2019
Video Link

The Oofy – 5/16/2019
Stock Market Crash 2019 Predictions: Red Flags That Might Be Announcing Stock Market Crash in 2019

Inside Sources – 5/8/2019
‘How Hot is It?’ Trump’s Booming Economy Is No Joke

GV Wire – 5/10/2019
Opinion: Trump’s Booming Economy Is No Joke

Forbes – 5/7/2019
Pushed Into A Corner, China Has Three Options To End The Trade War

Barron’s – 5/6/2019
The Dow Fell 66 Points Because Markets Have a Hard Time Digesting Tariff Tweets

Forbes – 5/4/2019
What China Wants From Africa? Everything

DS News- 4/29/2019
Is a Recession Heading Our Way in 2020?

M Report – 4/29/2019
How Is the Fed Preparing for a Possible Recession?

Barrons – 4/26/2019
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Hit New Records Because the Economic Slowdown Didn’t Arrive

Forbes – 4/18/2019
Obamacare Made Big Health Insurers Very Rich, What Could Medicare For All Do To Them?

Courthouse News – 4/17/2019
US Trade Deficit Narrows as Chinese Imports Fall

Cheddar – 4/10/2019
JetBlue Reportedly Hopping Across the Pond with Trans-Atlantic Additions

Forbes – 4/7/2019
Three Things That Could Crush China’s Hot Home Prices

Forbes – 4/6/2019
Foreign Money Votes For Modi

Cheddar – 4/1/2019
Lyft Tumbles 12% in First Full Day of Trading

Cheddar – 4/1/2019
Lyft Drops Below IPO Price on Day Two of Trading

Benzinga – 3/20/2019
Economist: Lyft Has Better Path To Profitability Than Uber, But Concerns Remain

Forbes – 3/30/2019
Apple’s Cash Could Crush Netflix

Barrons – 3/15/2019
Dow Adds 139 Points on a Day Tesla Underwhelms