Privacy Secrets of the Ultra-Rich

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Overview of the meaning of privacy, assessing the need for privacy (threat modeling) and questions to ask yourself, elements of a personal information privacy strategy, movement towards digital security, statistic and dynamic information, cloud storage and encryption strategies


  • Annuities, interest rates and laddering: The benefits, risks, strategies and questions to ask
  • Cryptocurrency in tax-advantaged retirement accounts
  • A review of the Equifax breach and use of sensitive information
  • Ted’s Tips: How to prepare for a correction
  • Types of privacy, types of privacy threats, reasons to be concerned about your privacy, advances in privacy-enhancing technology, types of encryption and data minimization
  • Cybersecurity, device protection, remote monitoring and management
  • EB-5 visa investor program
  • Puerto Rico tax benefits amidst bankruptcy
  • Ted’s Tips: Unorthodox viewpoints about debt
  • The 411 on 401(k)s: the different types and strategies, reasons to rollover, a review of self-directed IRAs, and choosing between Roth vs. traditional IRAs
  • Storing bullion across the borders in Canada and New Zealand
  • Ted’s Tips: A review of the 2017 tax obligations
  • Investing in gold bullion and other precious metals, secure storage options, benefits to owning bullion offshore, benefits and steps to storing offshore gold through New Zealand Vault (NZV)
  • Benefits from Brexit and the demand for rare tangible assets
  • What to recognize about paying investment fees and expenses
  • The benefits of investing in gold
  • Ted’s Tips: Earning points on your bank savings
  • Protecting yourself from fraudulent investment scams and a review of the different types of scams
  • Store of value: the strategy to protect purchasing power and an overview of VULT
  • Ted’s Tips: Check scams, demand drafts and advice from the NACHA
  • The history of money, living in a cashless society, Federal Reserve tracked funds M0, M1 and M2, possible government control in a cashless society, blockchain and bitcoin, non-western currencies, and quiet wealth and geographical strategies
  • The importance of a savings strategy
  • Suggestions for how to move money and get a mortgage overseas
  • Facets of privacy and privacy breaches, security techniques, understanding what you need to protect and from whom, importance of choosing trustworthy partners, recommended static information encryption techniques
  • The dangers of counterfeit gold and silver
  • Protecting personal information, moving personal information into digital form, how encryption works and how to encrypt information
  • Reasons to privatize your email
  • An explanation of the PATRIOT Act, personal privacy, and the use of fear
  • The biggest threat to privacy and the key steps to end information sharing
  • The steps to take to live a sovereign life
  • An explanation of the “Paradise Papers” and the age of propaganda


Kill Cybercrime: Don’t Be One of the 110 Million Victims Robbed This Year

Brad Deflin, Founder, Total Digital Security

Panel Discussion: Privacy and Protection In a Digital Age

Ted Bauman, Mark Nestmann, Brad Deflin, Bob Bauman, Josh Bennett