Living a Jet Set Life

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  • A look at the Mediterranean paradise that has a no-wait citizenship and attractive permanent-residence option, a cost of living nearly 40% less than the U.S., and the benefits of the European Union and its mindfulness of privacy in both personal and financial matters


  • How to legally avoid paying U.S. income taxes when abroad, an explanation of foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE), how to qualify, offshore business loopholes and reporting requirements
  • Reasons to manage your digital credentials to secure your digital life
  • Ways privacy can be compromised through social networking surveillance
  • Ted’s Tips: What happens to your social security when you move abroad
  • Factors to consider before moving abroad, the four cornerstones of happiness, the offshore peace of mind questionnaire and emigrations as an investment
  • A look at the U.S. health care system, health care coverage when abroad, the four countries with the best health care systems and strategies for getting the best coverage while paying the least amount of money
  • The secret “royal currency” and other alternative investment options
  • An examination of the four cornerstones of a successful life abroad
  • Reasons why Uruguay is an ideal offshore haven
  • More reasons why Uruguay is an ideal offshore haven
  • Reasons why Panama is an ideal offshore haven


Switzerland – Now More Than Ever

Rob Vrijhof, President, WHVP

Rare Tangible Assets Panel

David Metcalfe, Geoff Anadappa, Ted Bauman, Andy Schectman, Chris Gaffney

Global Real Estate Panel

Juan Fischer, Sancho Santayana, Rainelda Mata-Kelly, Ted Bauman, Rob Vrijhof